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Share the gift of a recorded heirloom to pass on through generations

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Preserving Your Story

Everyone has a unique story to be told.


You just have to ask the right questions.


At Your Story Studios, we document the stories, legacies and lives of your loved ones - whether that’s success, overcoming challenges, or retelling the stories you told your children and grand children.


It’s a gift for the interviewee, but also for family members who can hear and read their loved one's story from the only relevant viewpoint: theirs.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. I’ll ask the questions, and you or your family members tell me your answers - share your memories and the stories you told your children and grandchildren.

As a media professional, I'll use my years of experience to guide the conversation, ask the right questions and ensure that you have a great experience during the interview. Interview length will depend on what stories you want to share.


After that, you decide how you want your story preserved: audio, transcribed interview, short story narrative or memoir book.


That’s Your Story.


Sample story

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Frank Petereit
Retired radiologist in Sioux Falls

Frank Petereit shares the story of his life, career, trials and success. You'll learn that challenges ahead are simply success stories in the making.

Growing up during the Great Depression

. . .

It’s been 85 years, but Frank Petereit can still remember the day his father died like it was yesterday.


The 5-year-old tagged along with his dad one summer to the Missouri River near his house in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. His father wanted to go for a swim, so Frank, who hadn’t learned how yet, sat on the shoreline.


His father waded in and tested the waters further in the river. He was a good swimmer, but Frank saw him start to head downstream.

He disappeared into the water, and then he came back up.


Then he didn’t come back, and Frank was left sitting on the shoreline.


He stayed there for about an hour, and then he went back with two neighborhood girls that had joined them. His father’s body was found later that afternoon. His funeral was a few days later.


Frank would return to that spot again and again.


And he’d cry.


“My mother used to tell me that sometimes people come back from the dead, so I was kind of hoping that would happen,” Frank said. “I was just old enough where I was getting to know him.”


That’s about all he can remember of his father, besides what his mother told him growing up. But it isn’t the only thing his father gave him. He gave him his name: Frank Petereit.


Frank’s life was a struggle from then on, living through poverty in the Great Depression and attending an orphanage for his delinquent tendencies as a boy. His journey would be a series of challenges that would lead to lessons learned and opportunities to grow.


Nothing much was expected from him. But Frank, whose full name was Martin Frank Petereit, proved himself by becoming a doctor — and he did it with the unwavering support of his wife, Iley, and his Christian faith.



My story:

I get it - if you’re going to open up about your life story, you might want to know a little bit about me first.


My name is Makenzie Huber and I’m an award-winning journalist at the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I talk to people for a living. I’ve interviewed celebrities, business owners, refugees, and normal people with a story to tell. Hearing, sharing and preserving those stories are why I’m a journalist. And I want to tell yours.


This passion drives me to preserve the stories of others, and I want to extend the opportunity to preserve the memories of your loved ones, too.

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