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Personal & Life History Services

Preserving Your Story

History is not just names, dates, and records. It is the lived human experience — made up of memories and stories from those who lived it.

With modern recording software, you can now ensure that your memory or the memory of a loved one is not just another name on the family tree. Preserve memories and stories that shouldn't be forgotten.

At the Storyteller, we offer three services to help you preserve your life history.

What is a Life History?

A life history is a recorded interview with someone about their life experiences. Provided recordings can be through audio, video or transcript. We also offer Personal Histories, which is a professionally edited video or a memoir based on the subject's interview.

Why should I or a loved one

do a Life History?

Life Histories let you share important aspects of your life with family and historical societies to use & learn from. My grandfather had a stroke in early 2018. He's no longer to communicate as effectively, so he's unable to share our family history, among other important aspects of his life.

How is a Life History conducted?

Initially, there is a free consultation where we decide what you'd like to include in the Life History and what questions should be asked. Then I ask prepared questions with follow up questions I think are relevant, and the client answers them. The interview is recorded and transcribed and you're given a copy of each.

Do I have to be in Sioux Falls

to do a Life History?

No, I will come to wherever you're most comfortable. Whether that's at your family home or at a nursing home. But, since I'm based in Sioux Falls, I do ask for help in covering travel costs to travel to wherever you are.

Who should do a Life History?

Everyone should do a Life History. This is an opportunity for you to record your memories. Most academic and historical oral histories are done with people who are 60 and older, since they have more life experiences to record and are more likely to pass away sooner than someone in their 20s.

What's in a Life History?

At the free consultation meeting, I will present you with a template of questions that cover your early childhood, family history, young adult life, career ambitions, married life and parenting, among other major life experiences, such as how technology influenced your life, living through the Great Depression, and your reaction to 9/11.

Have a Question? We're Here to Help

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