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What We Do

 Life History Interview 

The Life History Interview is the simplest option — it's just sitting down and answering questions that you or a loved one has prepared.


The interview will be arranged at a time and at a place you are most comfortable, so likely your own residence. Interviews are planned in hour-long sessions, but you can add more sessions or lengthen sessions at an extra cost.

Questions in a Life History Interview can range from childhood memories, to what your parents or grandparents were like, to how television changed your life.

The product of the interview can include audio recording, video recording, and transcription, at varying costs. Transcription is a written account of the interview, adhering to the format of the Oral History Association so your life history can be shared with historical societies or colleges to further preserve certain historical projects, if you wish.

 Personal History Project 

The Personal History Project a professional account of your life, put into video or memoir, based on a Life History Interview and collection of other materials.

The video will not include the voice of the narrator asking questions — just the voice of the client telling their story. It can also include extra interviews with different subjects, such as family members or close friends, and can be packaged with still photos or home videos in the client’s choice of DVD or digital copy.

A Personal History book is a memoir based on the Life History Interview and, like the video, can include extra interviews with other subjects, photos, and extra research regarding certain topics (for instance, genealogy). The product would be published as your choice of ebook or print with a designed cover through a third-party service. The cost of book production is not included the the Personal History Project.

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